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Enabling Intelligent Business Communications

Provider of Intelligent Business Communication Apps and infrastructure for Telecommunication and Healthcare Verticals

Agnity Global Inc., (AGNITY) is a global provider of Intelligent Business Communication Apps and infrastructure for Communications and HealthCare verticals. Agnity’s products leverage Cloud, mobility and real time communication technologies to enable enterprise customers transform their business processes for workplace collaboration, become more competitive and capitalize on new market opportunities. All Agnity solutions are powered by its Communication Application Server (CAS) – a market leading platform that supports secured mobile contextual communication and collaboration that can be leveraged in any industry vertical.

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The Agnity MobileCare™ Platform

Security in the Cloud

Agnity MobileCare™ delivers a secure, futureproof, mobile messaging and communications platform that is HIPAA compliant and completely in the cloud. Agnity MobileCare™ was developed to meet the growing communication needs of healthcare ecosystems, including hospitals, ambulatory providers, payers, long-term care facilities and very importantly, patients themselves.


Agnity MobileCare™ will provide immediate benefit to the Care Team

  • Eliminate the need to carry pagers and proprietary devices (in BYOD environments)
  • Leveraging existing smartphones and tablet devices
  • Immediate, intuitive efficient communication and collaboration
  • Limited upfront investment and positive ROI
  • Native to MobileCare™, quick, intuitive access to patient data
  • Streamlined decision collaboration and decision making
  • Increased both clinician and patient satisfaction
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Agnity MobileCare™ KEY FEATURES

Features MobileCare PRO MobileCare Enterprise MobileCare TeleConsult MobileCare Monitor
Secure Clinical Communications Presence/Availability
Text & Group messaging
Voice messaging
Picture messaging
Voice calling
Contextual Communications My Patients
Remote patient care Appointment Scheduling
Virtual exam rooms
Video Calling
Patient Data Analysis Patient data Collection from bedside monitors
Patient data Collection from wearable devices
Comprehensive data Analysis
Trigger notifications to patients and/or Care team
Optional add-on features Streamlined User Management
Mobile Extension
Personal reach
Anydoc (Affiliate)
Audio conferencing
Video Conferencing
Support for ePrescription and Electronic lab ordering
Billing and payment processing


Agnity Global

Do you already know what you need?

Use Case: Acute Care Hospital System

Customer: A top ten health system located in the United States

The client: A large health system with 70+ acute care facilities and 50+ ambulatory and clinical facilities. The hospitals are located in both urban and rural markets, furthermore, the health system employs over 30,000 clinical and administrative staff.


The health system was seeking a secure clinical communication and collaboration solution for the coordination of care. Looking to improve communication and productivity of clinicians in the patient’s circle of care utilizing mobile and web technologies.


After an extensive evaluation process involving more that 10 solutions providers, Agnity MobileCare™ Enterprise was chosen. Soon thereafter, Agnity MobileCare™ was deployed facility-wide to nurses, physicians, caseworkers, unit clerks and technicians all involved in the patients circle-of-care. Utilizing smartphones, tablets and web clients, clinicians and staff utilized MobileCare™ to choose how they prefer to be communicated with, set their availability status and see their colleagues availability status and communications preferences as well. Users were provided with text, voice and video message delivery and verification at the point of care, now certain that their message has been delivered. Provider were also provided with critical alerts, notifications and on-call scheduling. In addition, the highly modular and configurability of MobileCare™ facilitated the sharing of patient authorized clinicians, enabling contextual communications via text, voice and video.


MobileCare™ enabled the facilities to: 1) improve the timeliness and quality of decisions at the point of care, 2) improve patient transition and discharge, 3) improving clinician satisfaction and productivity.

Agnity’s aim is to provide the best-in-class, future ready solutions to our customers. Leveraging the latest and the most promising technologies has always been our focus as a vital means to achieve our core objective of complete customer satisfaction.