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Strategic Mobility Group and Hal Systems offer around the clock support coupled with  premium product offerings and award-winning professional services. We are your trusted adviser for the lifetime of enterprise mobility projects, with the goal of providing “Visibility Through Mobility™” in your business operations.

About Hal Systems

Located in the Atlanta, Georgia area, HAL Systems, Inc. has been in business since 1983 and brings over three decades of experience to your application.

Comprised primarily of programmers, we have low overhead costs and can deliver high-value solutions for less than the competition.

We develop all our own software – your training and technical support comes from the same people who developed the solution. And we’re available 24×7.

Due to the configurable architecture of HAL Systems software, our solutions are applicable to a wide variety of industries and applications including: Food & Beverage, Medical, Manufacturing, Order Fulfillment, and Equipment Tracking.

HAL Systems software applications are designed with one primary focus — to provide our customers with high value solutions at a lower cost than is commonly available in the marketplace. We work with the same barcode/RFID and scanner technology that is standard in the industry, but that is where the similarities end. HAL Systems accomplishes our objectives with five primary elements.

Browser-based architecture

The use of a modern browser-based architecture removes much of the cost complexities of legacy client/server systems.

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  • The need to establish and maintain internal networks is reduced and can in some cases be entirely eliminated.
  • The cost of hardware and future hardware replacement is reduced through the use of less sophisticated devices.
  • Future upgrades will not be driven by the need to keep up with device operating system updates.
  • Software-as-a-Service can be easily hosted in the Cloud.
  • The mobile phone networks provide available infrastructure for satellite or mobile locations.

Track & Traceability

What is Track & Traceability
The business processes and systematization that provides for a complete audit trail of a finished product to the source raw materials.
How can Hal Systems help?
All internal transactions and product movements are recorded such that any anomly occurring in a finished product in the field can quickly and accurately be attributed to the source materials provided by an individual supplier.
Asset Tracking
HAL Traxx Assets is a bar-coding and tracking system that identifies and locates assets stored in fixed, mobile, and customer’s locations. HAL Traxx Assets interfaces with the asset management module of your host accounting system. The HAL Traxx Assets solution includes radio frequency (RF) terminals, scanners, bar code printers and the HAL Traxx Assets software.

Benefits to using Hal TRAXX Assets

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Real time, comprehensive reporting of all assets. Transaction records of assets movement by employees. Knowledge of assets by locations, including fixed, mobile and customers sites. Image enabled for accurate asset identification or condition.

Asset availability based on quarantine status.

Using the benefits of configurable software, a flexible, scalable and affordable solution can be applied to many applications.  Some of these include:

  • Omni-channel Distribution with rules-based requirements
  • Warehouse Management and inventory control in multi-facility environments
  • Track & Traceability from receiving through production to distribution
  • 3PL with varying requirements for different customers
  • Hospital Pharmacy tracking of location/expiration/lot code of critical medications
  • Asset Tracking of critical service equipment requiring calibration
  • Refillable Tank tracking between refill and customer locations
  • Rental Asset tracking for wedding receptions, concerts, etc.
  • Check-In/Out of barcode scanners and other valuable hardware
  • Data Collection of consigned inventory at customer sites
  • Football Helmets with RFID-encoded child emergency information

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