When it comes to hospitality and gaming, service is king. And, mobile technology plays an important role in helping you keep guests happy. Imagine being able to put a face with a name when your VIP guests drive up before they arrive at the check-in desk. (“Oh look, Dr. Walker and his wife Melinda have arrived.”) Or how about learning more about your guests’ entertainment habits so you can align promotional offers accordingly?

With radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, a strong wireless network, and a few barcodes, tablets and scanners, you can create a five-star experience for your guests. And, if your accountants are not thrilled with the expense of replacing stolen bed sheets and blankets, mobile technology can help keep them happy too. We offer numerous asset tracking solutions that can help you keep a close eye on everything from robes to rubber bands.

If you want to see what a full-service mobility provider can do to increase guest satisfaction within your hotel or casino, contact us.

The best part is that mobility solutions for hospitality and gaming businesses do not have to cost a fortune or consume your time. We will create a custom mobility solution that fits within your budget, and we can do most of the heavy lifting: surveying your wireless network, selecting mobile hardware and software, installing, integrating, and training your staff.