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Nico Genet, Barcoding Expert and Director of National Accounts

After serving in the US Navy attached to the Marines and graduating from San Diego State University with a degree in sales and marketing, Nico began his career in Pharmaceutical sales. Nico regularly placed in the top ten percent of thousands of sales representatives across the United States.

Now, with more than 17 years in the AIDC industry, Nico Genet has become a go-to expert for all questions barcoding. Throughout his career, Nico has gained extensive product knowledge and strong accountability in all areas across the board, and has catapulted himself to a reputation as one of the top wireless mobility and automation consultants in the industry.

After making a name for himself with more than 8 years in manufacturing consulting at his company, GeNet Solutions, Nico started Strategic Mobility Group in 2011 with Nancy Gorski and Eric Holmes. With Nico’s expertise, he has been able to establish SMG3 as a cutting-edge technology provider through keeping his clients constantly updated about the latest tech, as well as providing them with innovative approaches that consistently result in maximizing business efficiency and turning out large ROI (Return on Investment).

Nico takes pride in his “hands-on” approach towards helping his clients, and his skillful methods have proved profitable to businesses across all different types on industries. With the help of his Professional Services team, he is always traveling onsite to get clients set-up with their mobility solutions.

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