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EPG’s Voice Picking System Lydia Voice provides a complete integrated enterprise voice solution supported by a 24 x 7 staffed support center that excels at multi-site customer implementations and has successfully scaled to more than 7,000 users on a single server instance. Our Voice Picking System Lydia Voice offers unparalleled voice recognition with its deep neural network technology and interfaces with a multitude of WMS and ERP solutions. Our Co-Exist Solution enables companies to easily operate a two-vendor voice strategy without having to undertake any additional voice integration efforts. The voice technology Lydia Voice provides you the freedom to implement your solution how you want and on your preferred Android or Windows devices from suppliers such as Zebra and Honeywell. We provide traditional on-premise licensing as well as SaaS and Managed Hosted Service options.

Maximize workforce productivity


 EPG is a leading provider of innovative voice technology solutions and does not require obsolete voice-template training processes from the 1980’s. Our Lydia Voice Software provides you with streamlined, best-in-class business processes to take your organization to the next level of operating efficiency.

Lifetime Guarantee

EPG offers a Lifetime Integration Guarantee to customers on active software support agreements to provide ongoing maintenance of the initial integration with their WMS/ERP solution. Yes, you read that correctly.


Our team will learn more about your specific business objectives as we gain an understanding of your detailed operational and workflow processes. We meet with key management to better understand the prioritization of the business issues that you want to address.

Where Lydia Can Help

Deep Neural network voice recognition

No Voice template training required

Our neural network helps provide extreme accuracy for those with challenging speech patterns and mixed dialects, without the requirement to train the associate with a set of in-vocabulary speech words, which often requires about a 30-minute training, as well as a monthly voice template retraining due to declining voice recognition performance. Lydia Voice has consistently provided customers moving from handheld scanning solutions a 25% to 35% productivity. In addition, customers moving to Lydia Voice from a competitive voice solution have gained an additional 8% to 12% improvement in worker productivity. Our superior performance can quantitatively be attributed to the elimination of voice template training and ongoing retraining activities as well as less repeating and fewer missed recognized words and numbers.

Solve the problem of difficult work dialects

The #1 reason why businesses prefer Lydia Voice is due to its market leading voice recognition and the ability to successfully address the age-old problem of difficult worker dialects. Lydia Voice and its Deep Neural Network Acoustic Learning platform enables customers to benefit by providing market leading voice recognition capabilities. EPG joins industry leaders Amazon, Google, and Microsoft to offer solutions based on the next wave of AI, except that Lydia Voice has been optimized for the noisy distribution center.

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