The Elo touchscreen experience has consistently stood for quality, reliability and innovation with over 20 million installations worldwide.

We know touch – it’s our only business. In fact, we invented the touchscreen over 40 years ago and haven’t stopped since. Every 57 seconds, a new Elo touch screen is installed somewhere in the world. We obsess over details to exceed the highest quality standards.

We are large enough to be global, yet focused enough to deliver personalized support. We live by the philosophy “There is nothing more important than our customers.” Our goal is to help you do your job better, spend less time doing it and become your favorite touchscreen supplier by delivering on our promises. We measure our success based on your satisfaction. We want you to be an Elo customer for life.

  • Commitment to quality, reliability and innovation
  • Focused on commercial grade products, purpose built, hardened for tough environments and made to last for extended lifecycles up to 10 years or more
  • A technology leader and original inventor of the touchscreen with over 400 patents and the broadest touch technology portfolio in the industry today (Surface Acoustic Wave, Projective Capacitive, Surface Capacitive, Infrared and Resistive)
  • Superior image quality (activated with finger or glove)
  • Large enough to have global reach and scale, small enough to work hand-in-hand to help you accomplish your goal
  • Customer-centric, hands-on support with direct access to engineers, developers and executives
  • Easy to install, easy to use and easy to support
  • Standards-based, open-architecture solutions to address diverse needs, accelerate ROI and lower TCO


Touchscreen Computers The computing power and performance you need right at your fingertips

  • X-Series 15-inch AiO
  • X-Series 17-inch AiO
  • X-Series 19.5-inch AiO
  • E-Series 15.6-inch (15E2) AiO
  • I-Series for Android 10.1-inch AiO
  • I-Series for Android 15.6-inch AiO
  • I-Series for Android 21.5-inch AiO
  • I-Series for Windows 15.6-inch AiO
  • I-Series for Windows 21.5-inch AiO
  • Android I-Series for POS 10.1-inch
  • Android I-Series for POS 15.6-inch
  • Android I-Series for POS 21.5-inch
  • C-Series 21.5-inch AiO

Touchscreen Monitors Monitors with industry-leading touchscreen technology built for quick interaction

  • 1215L 12.1-inch
  • 1515L 15-inch
  • 1517L 15-inch
  • 1523L 15-inch
  • 1715L 17-inch
  • 1717L 17-inch
  • 1723L 17-inch
  • 1915L 19-inch
  • 0700L 7-inch
  • 1002L 10.1-inch
  • 1502L 15.6-inch
  • 1509 15.6-inch
  • 1919L 18.5-inch
  • 2002L 19.5-inch
  • 2201L 22-inch
  • 1519LM 15.6-inch
  • 1929LM 19-inch
  • 2401LM 24-inch

PayPoint An all-in-one point-of-sale system that combines simplicity with style

  • PayPoint for Android
  • PayPoint for Windows
  • PayPoint for iPad

Tablets A mobile sales tool for flexible working environments like retail or hospitality

  • ETT10A1 Tablet 10-inch



From in-store displays to interactive kiosks, Elo Touchscreens create High-Impact Experiences.


Attract customers from every angle with contemporary cutting edge features. Sleek, beautiful, lightweight. Elo systems are designed to work just as good as they look. Elo systems are built to last and withstand repetitive impact in demanding retail environments. Whether integrated computers on the I-series or add-on computer module options for the large displays, Elo touchscreen signage offers powerful Windows or Android-based solutions. Expand your functionality with snap-in accessories such as card readers, near field communication, scanners and more.


From Infrared to Projective Capacitive, Elo can provide smartphone-like experiences recognizing up to ten touches simultaneously


Control with EloView®
The complete cloud-based solution to manage, deploy and control content on all Elo Android touchscreens.

Control your devices on the fly. With the content library, changing what's playing is as simple as drag-and-drop. Upload your content, securely push it to a device, and sit back because it's that easy.

Complete control over your devices. With EloView, you can view what's playing, adjust the volume, check for software updates, and reboot the device, all without leaving the comfort of your desk.

Upon first power up, the device downloads, installs and runs the scheduled app set from EloView. MDM agent can also be setup and configured using the platform.

The kiosk browser allows an administrator to remotely deploy a website on a device and limit the navigation to a specific web page and links.


Bezel Adding an element of durability and security, Elo's bezeled touchscreens are ideal for recessed applications such as ATMs or kiosks.

Elo_Touchscreen Zero Bezel

Sleek edge-to-edge designs offer a seamless, modern appearance with sealable, easy-to-clean surfaces.

For remarkable design flexibility and best-in-class quality for your touchscreen applications, integrate Elo chipsets into your own boards.

Optimized and designed to work specifically with Elo touchscreens. Elo's touch controllers power touchscreen solutions in virtually any application.

  • TouchPro® Pro-G (Glass) Projected Capacitive, 10″-27″
  • TouchPro® Pro-M (Mesh) Projected Capacitive, 24″-70″
  • TouchPro® 8200 Series Controller
  • TouchPro® 8300 Series Controller
  • IntelliTouch® Surface Acoustic Wave, Zero-Bezel
  • IntelliTouch® Surface Acoustic Wave, Bezel
  • IntelliTouch® 3200 Series Controller (single & dual touch)
  • IntelliTouch® 2701 Series Controller (single touch)
  • IntelliTouch® 2521 Series Controller (dual touch)
  • AccuTouch® 5-Wire Resistive, Zero-Bezel
  • AccuTouch® 5-Wire Resistive, Bezel
  • AccuTouch® 2218 Series Controller
  • COACh® AT Controller Chip

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