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Cloud-based solutions for freight brokerage, supply chain management, GPS fleet tracking, route planning, transportation management and global trade compliance. The breadth and depth of capabilities we can provide you through our Logistics Technology Platform are unparalleled in the market – including:

  • Contract management
  • Purchased transportation management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Route planning, delivery scheduling and fleet management
  • Forwarder and broker solutions
  • Trading partner connectivity
  • and more…

Our cloud-based solutions and “pay as you use” pricing help you to maintain the margins you need to thrive.


Innovative supply chain management solutions to improve logistics performance, productivity, and agility

No matter what you manufacture, the flow of goods, inbound from suppliers to manufacturing facilities and outbound to distribution centers and end customers, is a critical component of your business. Descartes understands that logistics is an essential component to your success.

Logistics precision and the agility of your supply chain can provide critical competitive advantages and significant opportunities to improve margins. Achieving this can be a challenge regardless of whether you source domestically or internationally. You have to manage suppliers, shipments, resources and commercial documents that are all concurrently in motion with business processes that extend to the edge of your enterprise and well into your trading partners’ operations. Often, working with trading partners (suppliers and logistics service providers) can also be complex because they are numerous and your relationships with them change with market conditions and as your business evolves.


Empowering distribution operations for competitive advantage

We understand that distribution companies are challenged with increasingly slim margins and getting the right products to right place at the right time. Balancing the need to maintain the high levels of customer service, required to attract and retain customers, against cost pressures across transportation and labor is no easy task. You need the tools in place to help overcome disparate systems and manual processes, while better managing the inventory, assets, personnel and related business documents you have in motion.

Descartes helps to address the unique requirements and challenges that distributors are faced with. We can help you run best-in-class distribution operations with cloud-based solutions and capabilities that span:

  • Private/dedicated fleet management
  • Transportation management system
  • Regulatory and customs compliance
  • Supply chain visibility for managing inventory flow
  • Trading partner connectivity and messaging
  • and more…


Affordable, flexible, and easy-to-deploy solutions to manage your mobile resources

Business services providers thrive based upon the efficiency and effectiveness of their field operations. At Descartes, we know that what helps to drive the differentiated service performance that wins business is responsiveness, reliability, flexibility and time-spent in front of the customer.

Descartes understands the unique requirements and challenges that business service providers face. We can help you run best-in-class field operations with cloud-based solutions and capabilities to help you reduce costs and better manage your fleet, field personnel and other mobile resources.


Descartes’ deep domain expertise and the technological breadth and depth provided by our Logistics Technology Platform make us a unique provider to the public sector. Our platform can enable your organization to meet the unique needs of a variety of logistics related projects. We can help your organization accelerate deployment of logistics-intensive initiatives by taking advantage of our market proven experience in leveraging IT convergence and data related to shipments/inventory, conveyances, equipment, people, and commercial logistics and regulatory documents.

The Logistics Technology Platform was created to address these needs and provide a base for continuous innovation. Descartes is unique in the marketplace in having three essential components needed to make the Logistics Technology Platform a reality: technology breadth, network density and financial strength. The Logistics Technology Platform is a simple and elegant combination of network, applications and community that your organization can leverage.

The Descartes Global Logistics Network (Descartes GLN): The industry’s most comprehensive logistics, regulatory and commercial messaging network and is the standard for multimodal, inter-enterprise electronic data and document exchange.

The Logistics Applications Suite: The industry’s broadest array of modular interoperable web and wireless supply chain management solutions:

  • Routing, Mobile & Telematics: Full closed-loop control of route planning & execution, driver & vehicle performance and regulatory compliance
  • Transportation Management: End-to-end multimodal and multi-party management of purchased and prepaid transportation.
  • Customs & Regulatory Compliance: Multi-country solutions for per-notification for security screening and customs import/export declaration filing inclusive of back-end environments for regulatory agencies.
  • Descartes GLN Services: Broad array of connectivity, document management and community services.


Home Delivery, Omni-Channel Retailing, Inbound Logistics, and Store Distribution

Home Delivery is all about “profitable choice” and the following:

  • Differentiated customer service through flexible time-window choices for delivery
  • Increased revenue through premium delivery services or time windows
  • Reduced costs through steering consumers to optimal delivery times for retailer
  • Improved execution through same day/next day scheduling, combined with mobile-enabled proof of delivery and automated pre- and post-delivery notification services

Omni-channel Retailing requires a uniform but differentiated delivery service across all selling channels and delivery modes. Descartes solutions can help create a powerful delivery “face” for retailers to leverage all of their delivery channels in a single, integrated approach.

Inbound Logistics involves optimizing the flow of goods while reducing purchase order to dock or store door lead times. We help retailers gain visibility and control to streamline the flow of the goods locally or globally, regardless of whether the transportation is managed by the supplier or retailer.

Store Distribution means real-time collaboration between retailers and logistics services providers and shared visibility into moving goods more efficiently through the supply chain to the stores where consumers buy them. Descartes solutions help retailers ensure they transport the right goods, to the right location, at the right time and for the lowest cost.

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