Improve your results with Cisco IoT services. Quickly transform your operational network to an IP-based industrial network. Call SMG3 to align security, compliance, and threat management with your business goals. Address the challenge of modernizing the electric grid with the Cisco Services Connected Grid architecture methodology. Increase efficiency, lower support costs, and improve network availability with our award-winning product and solution technical services.

Internet Of Things (IoT)

Cisco IoT

The IoT links objects to the Internet, enabling data and insights never available before.
Connecting everything drives positive business results

Cisco IoT 1

15% reduction in cost

Cisco IoT 2
58% of execs say the IoT is strategic to their business
Cisco IoT 3
95% of execs surveyed plan to launch an IoT business within 3 years


With one intelligent network infrastructure, you can improve operations. Increase safety and security. And gain valuable data insight to streamline automation.


End-to-End Architecture for the Factory

The Cisco Connected Factory Solution is a portfolio of validated, proven architectures, capabilities, and market-leading technologies and services. This solution is designed to help industrial companies:

  • Rapidly and more securely integrate industrial automation and control with business systems
  • Build one common, converged, rugged, plant-to business network
  • Improve operational costs and efficiency
  • Find and fix problems faster to improve production uptime and equipment availability
  • Improve security through control of network access by user and location with identity services

Accelerate Innovation and Time to Market

Every phase of the manufacturing lifecycle requires speed and agility. The pressure to reduce costs, accelerate production cycles, and optimize asset use pushes you to look for innovative ways to remain competitive. Manufacturing industry priorities include:

  • Improving operational efficiency
  • Accelerating innovation
  • Improving supply-chain agility
  • Recruiting and developing skilled talent


Cisco Retail 1

Create Experiences

Cisco Retail 2

Empower Associates

Cisco Retail 3

Manage Risk

Cisco Retail 4

Improve Operations

Deliver a Differentiated Customer Experience

Build customer loyalty using new digital and mobile tools that are revolutionizing the shopping experience.

Implement digital capabilities that help:

  • Dynamically engage with customers in-store
  • Predict and personalize shopping experiences
  • Develop 360 degree insights into customer behavior

Drive Operational Excellence and Productivity

With continuous access to new levels of customer, associate, business, and inventory data, you can identify innovative ways of serving the customer while improving how associates work.

Enable a more customer-first shopping experience to:

  • Empower employees with the right information and tools
  • Virtualize expertise, service, and support
  • Digitize, automate workflow and processes

Protect Your Business and Your Brand

The combination of mobile devices, distributed services, increased customer expectations, virtual systems, and changing business goals creates vulnerability for your retail brand. Weak security can profoundly damage brand loyalty and can also critically affect customers’ trust.

Protect your brand and secure your operations to:

  • Mitigate theft and fraud
  • Secure physical and digital assets
  • Simplify regulatory and process compliance

Optimize Your Retail Operations

In the digital age, retailers must balance customer demands for more personalization and digital services, operational demands, requirements for omni-channel commerce, and opportunities to launch new stores or formats. Based on a Digital Network Architecture (DNA), our business optimization platform incorporates industry-leading security, networking, wireless, video on demand, video surveillance, cloud connectivity, retail applications, and much more.

Enable all of your digital transformation requirements to:

  • Integrate supply chain and logistics partners
  • Optimize real estate
  • Accelerate the development of new products and services


Cisco Healthcare 1

13,257 Hospitals and clinics

Cisco Healthcare 2

3,475 Medical manufacturers

Cisco Healthcare 3

118 Countries

Personalize Patient Engagement

Patients want and expect a digital healthcare experience that is easy to access and navigate, as well as personalized to meet their unique care needs and wellness goals.

Cisco is leading the digital transformation of healthcare with innovative onsite and mobile technologies that can enable a personalized patient experience, anywhere, anytime.

Help Care Teams Work with Each Other and Patients

Cisco is powering innovation in healthcare with advanced video technologies that help organizations deliver remote care, more securely and seamlessly.

Streamline Workflows and Improve Productivity

Cisco is leading the digital transformation of healthcare with mobility solutions and location services that help healthcare organizations optimize clinical workflows, for better care and a better bottom line.

Optimize workplace efficiencies and information-sharing

Cisco is at the forefront of the digital transformation of healthcare. Our innovative technologies include infrastructure, workflow, interoperability, and analytics solutions that help healthcare organizations improve clinical and business operations, end to end.

Make Connections That Speed Time to Market

Cisco powers innovation in healthcare and life sciences with digital technologies that can speed development, optimize manufacturing, and transform the global supply chain.

Boost Security, Patient Privacy

Cisco is leading the way with trusted solutions that help healthcare organizations keep their patients, facilities, data, and devices safe, sound, and secure.

Our Solutions

In-Room Infotainment: Deploy Cisco Patient Connect to deliver in-room digital content, streaming media, personalized patient information, and voice and video collaboration services.

Patient Mobile Experiences and Engagement: Enable your wireless infrastructure to create engaging mobile experiences for patients. Connect with patients from beginning to end, from simplified Wi-Fi onboarding to post-visit surveys. Omnichannel Patient Engagement and Outreach: Improve response times, personalize service, and increase availability for incoming calls and outreach with Cisco Healthcare Contact Center. Features include seamless appointment scheduling, language interpretation, and patient follow-up.

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