Chris Mutert

“We have to stop optimizing for programmers and start optimizing for users.”

Chris Mutert

Account Manager

Chris Mutert joined SMG3 in 2019 as an Account Manager for our Western Region.  With years of experience assisting clients with cutting edge data collection solutions, Mutert prides himself on delivering state-of-the-art solutions and world-class client support.  

Mutert has successfully implemented AIDC solutions into almost every market vertical we conduct business in. From the production floor, warehouse and delivery truck to the job site super intendents hands, he has put portable data collection devices in the hands of 1000s of clients.  

With close to a decade of experience managing national accounts such as Guitar Center and Airgas you can count on Chris to always be there when you need him. 

When not assisting clients with their technology needs Chris likes to explore, fish and raft the beautiful rivers in his home state of Colorado.  With an outdoor career at the start of his adult life, Chris has spent many of his seasons in the wild.  From the vast roadless wilderness of Alaska to the quick changing seasons of the Siberian far east of Russia, the world’s largest remaining wilderness, Chris’s drive to explore and fish the world is never ending. 

Telephone: 847-995-1010 Ext 909


customer service and support

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Christine Pearson, Operations Manager

Telephone: 847-995-1010 Ext 128

Our operations department manages the day-to-day business activities of SMG3. We are in constant communication with vendors, customers, and sales reps. In addition, we are continually analyzing and redesigning the current workflow to create an efficient system to ensure every customer’s satisfaction. Our mission can be summed up in three words: get it done!

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Professional Services and Technical Support

Telephone: 847-995-1010 Ext 2

Our support team is here to help our customers 24/7. Unlike many companies in our industry, SMG3 offers a suite of services including site analysis, site survey, custom device configuration, and more. We are your tech gurus who are here to help with everything from wireless setup and design to troubleshooting issues with your devices, so you can stay running all the time.

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