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L10 Slate


Whether you opt for a high-speed 8th generation Intel® Core™-Series processors or more economical Intel Pentium® processor, your XSLATE L10 will deliver more than enough computing power. The optional 4G LTE card will give you an even greater boost if you need it, providing 600% faster download speeds and 300% faster upload speeds than previous generations. This tablet will stay powered for over 24 hours when you add on the extended-life, hot-swappable battery.

It is more important than ever to provide workers the right mobility tools. They need a reliable way to capture, extract and analyze data about your customers, assets, and new revenue-generating opportunities, especially when away from their desks.


L10 Xpad


While the XPAD L10 Rugged Tablet computer may be best recognized for its ergonomic hard handle, it is also known for its field-proven, industrial-grade durability – especially among those in field service and industrial sectors who spend their days walking and working. The optional barcode reader is built into the handle to expedite data input and verification tasks.

The XPAD L10 is waterproof and dustproof, C1D2 certified for safe use in Hazardous Locations, and MIL-STD-810G rated for 6ft drops. This ergonomic tablet will also operate in both freezing cold and extreme heat without issue. It can also handle constant vibration, humidity, and exposure to oils, grease, and other common on-the-job hazards.



L10 XBook


The XBOOK L10 2-in-1 is a highly versatile rugged tablet designed to be the perfect laptop replacement. With a fully-functional removable keyboard, it can easily be used on the back of a truck bed or at your office desk for long-form data entry. The attached KickStrap has an integrated Kickstand that closes tightly when workers are on the move, enabling access to the Rotating Hand Strap, which can be adjusted for hand size as well as unique rotation angle.

If you are looking for a rugged tablet or laptop that has long-term staying power, even when worked to the core in harsh environments around the clock, then the Zebra L10 XBOOK 2-in-1 is for you.

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