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Baus Systems


Baus Systems is a Route Accounting and Distribution System Solutions provider.

Mobility for Quickbooks

Mobility is designed to:

  • Increase the productivity of small businesses by bringing key functionality of QuickBooks to your Windows Mobile handheld device.
  • Efficiently manage customers, items and vendors and create invoices, sales orders, credit memos, and estimates, purchase orders, and receive payments from virtually anywhere.
  • Synchronize seamlessly with QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Enterprise version 2007 and newer.
  • Replace the inefficient methods of operating a business away for your office by eliminating paper files, handwritten transactions and time wasted on data re-entry.

Mobility includes everything you need to manage your business from your Windows Mobile device. Access, edit and add to your customer list on the spot. View current vendor information and edit or create new vendor information with your purchase order. With an optional compatible printer, you’ll have the flexibility to print invoices, sales orders, estimates, credit memos or purchase orders on the spot. Quickly search your customer list and inventory list by entering the first letters of the customer name or product name. If your device has a barcode reader, you may scan the barcode to select your item.

SmartScan Label Link

What is SmartScan Label Link? Label Link is middleware developed to give QuickBooks users the ability to quickly and easily print barcode labels from your QuickBooks item list or transactions.


What is SmartScan Sales Order Verification? Sales Order Verification was developed to give QuickBooks users the ability to verify that the products they are billing for and the products they are shipping match.

A sales order is produced in your Premier version of QuickBooks. This information is then retrieved by the Sales Order Verification program so that the person that will be preparing the sales order for delivery to your customer can print a pick list that they will use to pick the products. Once the products are picked they can then be verified with the Sales Order Verification program. This may be done by using a barcode scanning device or by entering the quantities for each product manually. When the products have been verified against the original sales order, a confirmation report can be printed and/or a message can be sent back to the QuickBooks To-Do list for review and action by the office staff.

The same process as described above may be used with a Pocket PC based mobile computer.

  • Use the barcode that already exists on your product or create your own barcodes so that your products can be quickly and accurately picked for shipment.
  • Use a location code so that you’re picking process becomes more efficient. Employees picking the products can be directed to the location where the product may be found.
  • Print packing lists for the items you are shipping automatically.
  • Eliminate costly shipping errors which leads to rework and unhappy customers.
  • Increase the accuracy of your inventory.


Baus Systems offers feature rich, user friendly handheld systems and depot software which is easily customized to fit your specific business needs. Their systems are designed for ease of use and proven technologies are used to ensure that they can stand up to the challenges of your distribution routes. As partners, Baus Systems and Strategic Mobility Group strive to provide clients with the best software for all of their mobility needs.