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Software Consulting

Not only do we advise on what solutions would best fit your needs, but SMG3 and ASWGC can also provide the service to implement these applications and ensure you are getting the best and most complete use of the software. We are experts in software implementations and the project management necessary for a successful transition from old to new.


Warehouse Management Systems

A warehouse management system will help automate functions in your distribution center as well as improve inventory and order accuracy via barcode scanning technology in bin location level inventory tracking.

Business Analytics and Reporting

Being able to see daily information and trending over months of time can help you spot inefficiencies and areas of improvement as well as highlight successes that should be replicated with other customers, branches, products, etc.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Moving to a more robust ERP will open opportunities for efficiency gains and more strategic business operations. We will support this investment through training, implementation, and ongoing advice for future development of your business.

Software + Hardware

SMG3 and ASWGC partner together with leading companies to provide robust and cutting edge technologies to further enhance your existing software applications. Do not just take it from us though, we offer full demos and free trial versions on many software product.



Through our award winning partner, Strategic Mobility, we can provide equipment whether it is within your warehouse or out on trucks for delivery confirmation. Collectively we support Zebra, Honeywell and multiple other manufacturers in the mobile computing space. We also install and configure Wifi networks, provide industrial and mobile barcode label printers, and label stock.

Gap Analysis + Operational Review

You do not know what you do not know! SMG3 and ASWGC can provide a review of any or all departments of your business, identifying gaps in technology, training, or process. Through industry experience and comprehensive analysis of available solutions in the market, we will then prioritize and help you find solutions to each gap.

Often times we find current business systems are not being used to their potential so the only investment needed to improve lagging processes is better use of the software already in place!

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