Clients needed to extend the benefits of the ADAGE system to the shop floor users. This realization led to the development of ASSISTics, a leading edge supply chain management application.

Highlighted below are features of the ASSISTics Supply Chain Management application:

  • Web based application with extensive drill-down capability
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Shop floor data collection
  • Supports all mobiles devices – Windows, forklift mounted computers, iPhone/iPad, Droid, Telnet based devices
  • Fastest implementations in the industry
  • 100+ barcode transactions
  • Real time ERP integration
  • Pallet tracking
  • Instant lot track and trace
  • Paperless task based management- Picking, Transfers, Stock Put-away, Cycle Counting, Physical Inventory, Stock Replenishment
  • Automatic lot generation
  • Order fulfillment – Load Planning, Pick List Generation, Pick Confirmation, Shipping, Unshipping, Sales Returns
  • Complete cycle count and physical inventory modules
  • Integrated labeling
  • Seamlessly integrated reports
  • All screens can be exported and formatted correctly to Excel with a single click of a button
  • EDI integration
  • Browser visibility and search capability to ERP
  • Scale/fixed device integration
  • Centralized application that is easy for the IT group to manage


Founded in 1999, ASSIST specializes in designing software solutions for the process manufacturing industry. ASSIST has two closely related divisions. The consulting group delivers function and technical consulting for ADAGE users. The warehouse management group builds and installs ASSISTics, a comprehensive web solution that provides shop floor inventory management and supply chain visibility tools to the ADAGE user community. As partners Assist and Strategic Mobility Group strive to provide clients with the best software for all of their mobility needs.