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Transforming your mobile workforce and automating your business processes.

A solution that can make your existing and future enterprise mobile applications better, faster and stronger without having to change them, replace them, or risk your existing investments. The innovative AccuSpeech Mobile voice and automation solution, provides cross-platform mobile voice productivity and automation capabilities that directly reduce operational costs, optimizes existing business operations and contributes to business profitability. AccuSpeech Mobile fully optimizes your mobile applications and business processes without having to change them, protecting your existing investments.

With your existing and future workforce distribution and field service mobile applications, with a powerful device-based seamless voice-user interface, your mobile workforce can re-double its productivity, performance, and safety – avoiding unnecessary growth in workforce size and costs. In the new era of mobility, AccuSpeech Mobile is today, a powerful tool that optimizes and transforms all your mobile business operations completely from the mobile device speeding mobile workforce performance.

Power Automation Optimizing Business Processes

Voice Productivity is only the beginning. Optimization of business operations, and improving data integrity is a continuing process for any enterprise. AccuSpeech Mobile’s device-based voice logic power-automates your enterprise mobile applications. Now in addition to increased mobile workforce voice productivity, accuracy and safety – your mobile devices, with a single voice utterance can execute multiple application function automatically, further removing human intervention, all without changing your existing application code.

Accuspeech Mobile Software

Voice Automation

  • AccuSpeech Mobile Optimizes All Your Enterprise Mobile Apps – with Total Voice Control, Plus Automation – turning them into super apps – delivering entirely new levels of productivity.
  • AccuSpeech Mobile demolishes the limitations placed on enterprise mobile applications by conventional server-based voice solutions. This means you can leverage your existing investment in mobile applications, adding voice productivity and automation to any or all of them.
  • The poor cost-benefit ratio on server-based voice solutions has kept them out of reach – until now. AccuSpeech Mobile stands out for its low total cost of ownership and extremely attractive return on investment. Bottom line: voice can be yours today.
  • Improve business processes and customer satisfaction when the need arises – in hours or days, not weeks or months later. AccuSpeech Mobile is intelligent, powerful and lean. As you optimize your business processes, it responds.
  • Conventional server-based voice solutions are expensive, complex, time-consuming and disruptive. AccuSpeech Mobile adds sophisticated voice control capabilities and automation intelligence to your enterprise mobile apps directly from your powerful mobile devices. Your cross platform Field Service, WMS or ERP mobile apps remained untouched.
AccuSpeech Comparison Table

* Average based on supporting 50 to 100 end-users plus: 1) cost of proprietary hardware; 2) server-based and device based voice software; proprietary labor mgmt. system and data bases and: 3) Integration costs for a moderate to highly complex voice-picking app and supporting labor mgmt system and data bases and; 4) Purchase cost and integration costs of commercial WMS voice picking connectors.

** Complexity of Voice Application Integration and/or Number of DC Deployments

AccuSpeech Mobile and Strategic Mobility Group

AccuSpeech Mobile creates a custom voice-user interface, powered solely from your mobile devices, that voice-controls your existing mobile application and business processes. Their innovative solution is completely mobile – eliminating any and all server-based voice software or application integration that is typically associated with traditional “first-generation” voice implementations. As partners AccuSpeech Mobile and Strategic Mobility Group strive to provide clients with the best software for all of their mobility needs.

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