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Visibility to your business intelligence is critical. SMG3’s Visibility Portal is built on, allowing our customers to track their assets throughout the device life cycle. It also provides the ability to interact with the SMG3 Support Team and Customer Experience Team through a secure ticketing system.

The SMG3 EDGE provides a platform to manage the daily lifecycle of your enterprise rollouts through a single pane of glass offering increased visibility. By creating a collaborative environment between our two organizations, we can ensure every device is accounted for and performing to the highest expectations while streamlining the troubleshooting and management process. The EDGE can be completely customized to your individual requirements based on your needs.

Save time on deployments, by utilizing the SMG3 Service Team we can develop a rollout and configuration schedule to mass deploy devices quickly. As mobile devices are continue to increase in driving today's economy, accelerating new technology and security needs. Proper maintenance of your devices will be key and deploying the latest Android OS and Security patches will be essential to your operation. The SMG3 Service Team will help protect your enterprise with our team of educated and trained professionals.

The SMG3 EDGE Golden Image Service is a standard image created specifically for your device and your user workflows, built by our experienced team of engineers, providing your organization the consistency it demands. Security, Ease of Use, Adoption and Efficiency are top of mind for all organizations. The SMG3 Golden Image Service streamlines application deployment, user interface, settings management and support across your mobile enterprise.

SMG3’s Mobile Managed Services (MMS) encompass the IT and process management services required by a company to acquire, maintain, and support mobile devices, printers, scanners, and tablets, with integrated cellular and/or WiFi connectivity. SMG3’s MMS is also tooled to handle the complexities that come with enterprise deployments.

SMG3’s team is certified and one of the most skilled in the industry. That’s why we’re the partner of choice for all types of businesses including Enterprise Retailers, 3PL Providers, Healthcare Networks, and Distribution Centers. ZERO downtime associated with deploying mobile devices across your enterprise. ZERO headache and guesswork that every device is configured to the exact same standards. 99.9% uptime on your mobile devices in the field