How is Your Mobile Deployment Strategy Performing?

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How is Your Mobile Deployment Strategy Performing?

According to a recent study conducted by Aberdeen, over 80% of companies use mobile deployment strategies in their business. Of that percentage, only 8% actually know how well those devices and systems are performing.

That’s pretty staggering, isn’t it? Enterprises are investing hundreds of thousands of dollars into mobile devices and electronic strategies in order to make their workforce more efficient, yet so many don’t really know how to measure the effectiveness of that investment.

We want to offer you a few tips about how to best utilize and measure the effectiveness of your mobile deployment strategy. Below are a few questions that you can use as a benchmark to measure how well your company’s mobility strategy is performing:

1. How well is the hardware working?

When your employees are on a shift, are they running into issues with their mobile devices? Possible problems could include battery drainage, poor wireless connectivity, and crashing. If you have tablets or barcode scanners that are constantly not working, it makes it much more difficult for your employees to perform their jobs. This could cause setbacks and actually wind up decreasing the productivity of your business, so make sure the hardware you have is fully functioning for your employees.

2. How are the applications working for your company?

It’s important that the practical use and applications of your hardware systems are user-friendly and make it easier for your employees to perform work functions quickly and efficiently. This is all based upon the kind of software you put into your devices. The software you use should be easily accessible on the device and user experience should result in increased productivity. While there is a learning curve for all new software applications, if the kind you have is buggy or too complicated for your workforce, it could have the opposite effect.

3. How do we remove the obstacles if something isn’t working?

Measure the analytics of your mobile strategies and troubleshoot the problem. Your company’s system analytics should report on the productivity of each of these devices based upon how quickly various tasks are getting completed. Whether you are in warehouse management, logistics, or a field worker, you should use basic benchmarks of productivity as a way to measure how well your devices are working. If they’re not working for you, it may be time to re-examine the strategy you have in place and invest in a new system with new devices, software, and hardware.

Employing an effective mobile strategy is no easy task, particularly when it’s a brand new initiative for your company. This is where we can help. Part of what sets us apart is that we go above and beyond selling you the hardware needed to put your strategy into effect. We also consult with you on the best software and wireless connectivity plans for the devices that you buy, prepare your devices in-house, assist you with on-site installation, and provide you with customer support long after purchase if your system stops working.

We’ve also recently launched our new customer portal, The EDGE, Powered by SMG3, which helps you track the full lifecycle of the practical applications of your devices and gives you full transparency into how well each device is working for your company. Learn more here.

Remember, there is a way to streamline your mobile deployment strategy so that it makes your company more efficient. You just need to find the right platforms to work with. Feel free to contact us for advice!